Seeking the Quiet Life

Hi everyone!

I am sure these past few weeks have been extra busy for all of us. I struggle with the goal of quiet time for myself. I KNOW this is so important to me. Gives me that Serenity in my life that I so desperately need and desire. And yet I can get caught up in the busyness of life and I will once again think “How did I let that happen again?”

Now Sweet P.? {aka Petey} My cat whom we all know and love! He has a gift for finding the most comfortable spot in the house. He sleeps. He meditates. Maybe a little of both at the same time. He does go outside and visit his cat friends in the field next door. His own little social life. But he always returns. He sleeps again. Meditates again. I think he is an excellent example of the Quiet Life!

Most small children can play by themselves. Maybe WANT to play by themselves for short periods of time. No one is telling them what to do or what not to do! Here their imaginations flow! Here they can dream and create. Something to be encouraged I think. We all create, we all dream. That is how our lives expand, our society expands.

I have known for years that if I stay busy all the time I can not really get to know myself. No time for thoughts of who I am. How have I grown? How do I need to change to become a better person, to grow? What is truly important in my life? Do the people I love know that I love them? And most importantly, for me, take the time and pray, spend time with my God.

Yes! The Quiet Life! Welcome!

In Light and Hope, Joan