Hi everyone!

I have decided to pray every day for world peace. I believe it is possible for all of us to live in a peaceful world. I understand the real challenge this belief holds. We ALL must believe a peaceful world is possible. We ALL must decide this is something we want as a conscious thought, a change we ALL want to promote for ourselves and our children.

Have you aver noticed how small children approach one another? They are curious, interested, attracted to one another. It does not matter to them what size you are, what type of clothes one is wearing, what color of skin one has, even what language you speak. Sure they may fuss over a toy they do not want to share, that is the ego already kicking in, “MINE”! But with most children this is easily resolved. Children want to have a friend, to be a friend.

Once again we all can learn from children. I truly believe they are one of our greatest teachers. Children learn from us. Remember they are watching us, listening to us. What we say and do can so easily be what they will say and do.

Years ago I read in a daily meditation book, “The highest form of wisdom is kindness”. Kindness will lead us to peace. And as I write this it is early in the morning, still dark outside, the sun just bringing to rise, and I hear an Owl hooting outside my window. {Animals are also great teachers.} Perhaps Owl in his own wisdom is validating me! Kindness! Peace! These are the best gifts to bring to one another in the dawn of every day!

In Light and Hope, Joan