Dripping with Diamonds

Hi everyone!

So I have got to ask! Last week, did you notice the ice outside on all the trees, grass, fences, mailboxes—just about everything! Wasn’t that absolutely amazing? Even the fine cobwebs on the fences were iced! I do believe Mother Nature put on some of her finest bling bling! Sparkling diamonds everywhere! And then the sun would hit that ice just right! Blues, greens, reds shimmering all over the place!

That is one of the reasons I love winter. That spectacular scenery is not available around here in spring, summer and fall. I appreciate the beauty, love to get out and walk in it. If I was a photographer, I could have taken picture after picture. I saw one tiny piece of grass curled around a small branch with one tiny teardrop ice ball hanging from it! A beautiful piece of jewelry, as if I could have taken it for an earring!

So I am learning to notice everyday the beauty around me. We all know the seasons change. Mother Nature is such an abundant giver. Change is a guarantee. {and I can be such a creature of habit} To paraphrase something I read the other day, change comes into our lives and it is God’s way to expand our souls!

In Light and Hope, Joan