Joan Durbin

Joan Durbin has always had a great love for children and animals. In 2012, she lived on a houseboat for seven months. Her brave and curious cat Petey lived with her. During that time she learned more about cats than she thought possible.

Joan believes children have a natural love for animals and thought she would share an adventure with children about Petey’s experience on her houseboat.

Joan is a registered nurse who lives in Louisville, Ky.

Ruth Ann Cowling

For over forty years, Ruth Ann Cowling has been an art educator who has taught students from elementary school to college. She has also worked as a freelance commercial artist and a professional watercolor artist. Ruth Ann loves to participate in art shows. She is a patron of the arts and an advocate for the arts and art education. In 2015, Ruth Ann was appointed to serve as commissioner on the Indiana Arts Commission. 

Petey a.k.a. Sweet P.

Sweet P. the cat is ten years old. He is considered “The Ambassador” in Joan’s home as he welcomes all family and friends when they visit. Sweet P. was rescued by Joan and her family when he was five years old. They found him on a marina by the Ohio River, not far from where he would later live on the houseboat. Some things are meant to be!

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